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National Culture Day

Every year, on January 15, we celebrate our National Culture Day, the same date on which Mihai Eminescu -the poet, the writer, the journalist, this artistic force, the absolute expression of the power of creation – was born.

This important day could not go unnoticed on Romania’s largest airport, a place where patriotism, longing for the country or the joy of returning home intertwine and give rise to intense emotions, which make us think about the great national poet. Thus, we “armed” ourselves with the most powerful tools of education – the books - and challenged the passengers present in the terminal to recite a few verses written by Mihai Eminescu, receiving in exchange a volume of poetry. This  was like a game through which we aroused their memory and nostalgia, making them return to the school years and bringing them, undoubtfully, a little joy.

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